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 JT /T&KU! Creative  & Media Support Services that allows your company, team, event, publication, media outlet to focus on their passion. I free you up from the tedious media stuff that you must do for yourself, fan base, team, partnership, and sponsors. Whether you need just one service or a complete service package I have a level for everyone to fit your needs. SILENT PARTNERSHIPS option is available.

I offer full video, photography , graphic and events support services.  Birthdays, weddings, head shots, sporting or business events ans there is no where I am not available to travel to support you.

JT / T&KU! 2019 Partnerships

2019 Projects

1-12-2019 event Orlando Speed World Florida event

2019 Hero card Stotz Racing Feb-2019

1-22-2019 testing Bradenton Florida support

2-22-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida support

2-26-2019 Private assignment / private location

2-27-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida support

3-1-2019 Andie Rawlings Hero Card #1

3-7-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida support

3-10-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida event

3-11-2011 Private assignment / private location

3-14-2019 though 3-17-2019 Gatornationals team support

3-18-2019 though 3-20-2019 Private assignment / private location

4-4-2019 though 4-7-2019 Manufacturers Cup South Georgia

4-13-2019 though 4-15-2019 NHDRO Gainesvile Florida

4-25-2019 though 4-28-2019 XDA Buddcreeks Maryland Florida

5-2-2019 though 5-5-2019 NHRA Team supporting resource Andie Rawlings Atlanta Georgia

*new hero card #2 designs and pit sign created for this event team F@ST primary sponsor