XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018 Fellow Photographer  at KOPhotography2012 find him on facebook.
XDA VMP by JT 6-2018
XDA Maryland 4-2018 Robert and Kenan
XDA Maryland 4-2018 pro street Finalist Mark G (left) would go on to win it.
The newest Teasley XDA Maryland 4-2018
Dale Hamilton Friday Night Gamblers race winner
Spencer Claycomb real Street winner and track record holder.XDA Maryland 4-2018
XDA Maryland 4-2018
XDA Maryland 4-2018
XDA Maryland 4-2018
Rickey Gadson Mancup April 2018 by JTNorton.com
Mancup April 2018 by JTNorton.com
Mancup April 2018 by JTNorton.com
Mancup April 2018 by JTNorton.com
Mancup April 2018 by JTNorton.com
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Welcome to JT Norton.com 1994-2018

Creativity Taken Seriously

I do all the drag racing stuff because I love the people and the sport but I love covering events where people have dedicated themselves to their passion. I do enjoy covering other events because watching people compete it brings out every emotion and makes for some great images. That is why I don't just focus on actions but everything else that makes up an event. my email is jack@jtnorton.com if you have any questions or request for my services. I do event photography, social media page management and or administrative promotions, caricatures, cartoons, shirts and more. I do real estate and product 3rd party photography. This means if you want to buy something and you don't live there you can send me to take videos and pictures or the property or merchandise you are interested in.

XDA VMP Galleries are up BUT on 7-27-2018 will come down.
XDA VMP Track 2018

XDA VMP Staging & Pits 2018

The most recent adventure was at XDA VMP June 2018 : This was awesome and I would like to thank Jason Miller and Chris Miller the entire XDA team and staff of Virginia Motorsports Park for giving us a great event with lots of drag racing. Friday night was interesting to say the least with the crazy amount of rain that came in and then rolled back in Sunday evening. The forecast was way off the mark and we got a lot of racing in.

Now I have a unique position of being between racers and the management levels of the media, track and events, so I get to hear all kinds of interesting things and viewpoints (details of those talks are private between me and them)

BUT no one I spoke with was complaining ... OK?.. we were all complaining about the ridiculous heat and humidity but not about the event and all seemed very happy with how things were going.

XDA staff worked hard to keep things moving. Jason had the track prepped so well that he even lost a shoe and Kwame Olds has the photo proof. LOL

Terrence Belton was also out there shooting away getting all of you at the line the best he could and we know he always does a fantastic job capturing some stunning shots.

Please keep in mind Kwame Olds and Terrence Belton can only be on side of the track at a time but they were shooting like crazy battling the heat with the rest of us.

Fabian Brown was his usual annoying self that we love 🙂 and he still kept us up to speed like the professional that he is. lol

Brandi Neithamer was out there in the thick of it all getting media and racing content up but also handling the countless "back stage" things that keeps her running and race things moving.

David Roberts (and his apprentice) were in full control of the lanes and kept us in line. Timi was working hard at registration, apparel and then winner circle duties just to name a few.

Our hearts go out to fast Craft who we heard from his good friend Cj Fair is doing better after surgery and could be released soon.

Every team/staff member did their part and were focused on their jobs.

This was an outstanding time with some outstanding people that gave 100% for everyone of us.

It was a blast. - JT Norton

Team work is always the key to success. XDA VMP June 2018: The crazy heat this weekend I feel for all the racers that have to focus on everything themselves.

Do not confuse me with a traditional photographer because I do a lot more than that. I do take pictures but the way I shoot is not exactly how a normal photographer works. I look to capture or record moments for communication, promotion and real time posting not necessarily for its technical accuracy. Now you may think I'm being a bit negative but I know what my audience wants to see. If I need to get technical I can and do have reflectors, light kits, backdrops, education and the experience to be technical when it's needed. My images are based on what the participants have told me they want to see or what my years of doing this stuff has given me the experience to predict. The one thing that sets me a part from others is I DO NOT stop moving and do not stop looking. If the staff is doing track prep I will move into the lanes, if there is a break in ceremonies (wedding, birthdays etc..) I will move to the guest. I never stop looking a simple interaction could be that one image I'm spending my lifetime trying to get.

XDA VMP June 2018 DME Racing's machine Koolaid brought home the big Grudge win for the weekend..

Social media is a great tool to gauge how something is working for me but it's more importantly is about building relationships. Which for me is MORE important than the coverage that I help with at these events. I really do know many of the racers personally. Having a strong online presence with them and is a great way to learn and keep in tune with who you represent or allow you to reach your audience. It also takes being creative so it does not become repetitive for your viewer and for yourself. Keep in mind there are plenty of photographs being taken but the trick is to capture something different. I take a considerable amount of time getting to know the subject matter and people participating in the event I'm supporting. When you take time to know them and talk to them you'll find out pretty quick that what you assume they want to see is not you were expecting.

XDA VMP June 2018 The Motorcycle Nitro purge can make a cool shot if you time it right.

What makes me different?

It’s because I’m capturing content to be posted for an specific audience other than just the participants. I'm not necessarily doing it for a monetary gain or a news article. I do make sure I get a few of those typical shots because I can use those to pull in viewers. I take time to learn the event subject matter, people and their families because it helps me shoot for them and their audience. I'm not there to take pictures I'm there to capture photographs.

Now my photo-humor (MEME) and cartoons are effective because they keep my audience close when we are not at an event and allows us to stayed entertained. I do manage a few pages and I'm an admin on a couple more and these are effective because we see them all the time but they usually contain some famous person. I like the fact that when you come to my site or see my content you really don’t know what’s coming because I will come at you in several ways. Everything is done and posted with thought because the placement of material needs be done at a certain time of day and in a certain way.

XDA VMP June 2018 Robert Parker 211 2018: Parker made a lot of changes to the RPR211 machine for 2018. Robert was on the move at XDA VMP but he still is working on the massive changes he made to his machine. He will head back to Maryland in July to go after the win again.
XDA VMP June 2018 Robert Parker 211 2018: Kenan Dorsey gets her best Reaction time at .21 and also her first official event pass victory but to add to it she followed up with a second one. She did great!

I'm not getting rich doing this and if I was in it for the money I would've quit a long time ago. About 80% of the photographers that were doing it when I started are no longer doing it. Most people are not willing to do what I have done just to get to these events. 17 drag racing events alone in 2017. I'm a freelancer and as much as I would enjoy a steady gig with a company or team but if you know one send them my way please but I will go and do it regardless. One way get my gas or expenses covered is bulk pricing where a racer, company or participant pays me a flat rate and they get all images I take of them or their team. Some have me there because they want me to drive traffic to their pages during the event on there social media page. My presence alone can drive up activity on a page by 4 to 5 times it's normal levels and frees up the company or people to focus on the event.

An event in April I was supporting an event for a page page but then the same page was covering another event the following weekend where I was NOT present the page organic reach was down 156,671.

Keeping content on a page fresh is very effective in getting and keeping visitors. Each visitor weather they click like or not extends your reach and branches you out to other pages and profiles. During an NHRA early this year on one of my racer's page was out performing the NHRA page on Friday.

I have built a positive reputation for myself and it's extremely important to me. These racers know I will not trash them, share drama, or make them look bad. {What is said between us stays between us} and it has always been that way with me. If I plan to post something I will tell them in advance and make sure they are ok with. Something as simple as not taking a picture of their bikes with the clutch covers off will win you brownie points. Never assume what your doing is more important than what they are doing after a while you understand their activity.

I'm right at home creating stuff and I really do enjoy reporting on what people love to do. Weather its drag racing or anything else because when people are passionate about something they come alive and will show you every emotion they have and love capturing it for them. weather it is motorsports or any other type of event.

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