JT Norton sponsorship would you like to be promoted with anything JT does ... contact me at jack@jtnorton.com sponsor me and get promoted with everything I do across all sites,live feeds and social media pages. 

JT Norton photography has availability family, event, racing, or whatever you need covered : a single session (2.0 hours), half day, full day, or full event options: each at a flat rate and you get ALL images of you/your team, with full rights to use them however you wish. 

contact me at jaked35mm@hotmail.com if you need my services. cartoons and other art needs are separate but you do get social media event promotion included with the half day, full day and full event options.

Four coverage options; Qualifying , Eliminations, Semi-final / Finals, or event coverage of a full event coverage of a specific class.


You're having an event or there is one you want promoted to your social media page but you can't make it. Let me become the eyes and ears on the ground for you and your page fans professional representation throughout the event. Providing photography, live feeds and live interviews as it unfolds. Once the events closes you get all the images that I take during the event with full rights to use them however you want both personally and commercially. The event does not have to be motorsports it can be anything from comic con, baking, boating, bike show, Sturgis, bike week, etc... anything you and your fans are into I will get it covered for you no matter where it is because I'm willing to travel anywhere for you.

(Sample:) JT was a social media correspondent for the dragbike.com page
 for the NHDRO event in April 2017 Munice, Indiana. 4-22-2017 & 4-23-2017

First post went to the page at 735am on Saturday and the last post went up at 835 pm on Sunday. The JT my presence using a non-aggressive promotion (NAP) drove the follow social media page activity numbers :

4-22-2017 Organic reach 84330 Engagement V 11473 Engagement L 1899
4-23-2017 Organic reach 119158 Engagement V 16581 Engagement L 2540

2 day totals JT- influence using non-aggressive promotion
Organic reach 203488 
Engagement V 28054 
Engagement L 4430
just a reminder this is 735am on Saturday to 835 pm Sunday

Now using this sample if you had secured my services for this event, you would have received all 2536 images that I took over these two days.

Jack "JT" Norton 
Height: 5 11" Weight: 196 lbs Eyes: Blue   
Hair: Bald by choice  Status: Divorced  Age: 48
Father of three boys
Religion: None but I strongly believe in Karma
Photography: 27 years
Sign: Cancer
Drawing In General: 46 years In General earliest drawing recalled from my mom at age 2. I put it down for a long time but picked it back up about 12 years ago. began drawing a lot 3 years ago at least one a day even if just a doodle.
Photography 22 years
Poetry: 18 years
Favorite Movie: Star Wars (all of them)
Favorite Book: A Platypus Walks into a Bar 
Favorite Quote: "What to learn tomorrow will show you - how little you knew today!" by JT (during a conversation with my oldest son)
Favorite Artist: Theodor Seuss Geisel
Favorite Music: I love all kinds from Taylor Swift to Motor-head. 
Note: I'm partial to Keb' Mo' and he is always in my music list. Keb' Mo'

 In General
Florida Native Photographer, artist, poet, cartoonist and motorcycle drag racing advocate and sponsor.  I love all aspects of human life and the events experienced. Weather it is a drag race, a wedding, a birthday or a honeymoon just to name a few. Been an artist all my life and I started at very early age and take what I do seriously! 
Love to do it weather it is 8 degrees or 150. there is no such thing as bad day kayaking.
Old Building in Apopka Florida
My mom (then left to right) JC, Jack , Janice and Jeff. I have one more sister Jackie but she is not shown here.
That is me with Bandit my first dog.
Palmer park Colorado Springs picture taken by my son Jacob.
Me doing some rock climbing Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
Red Rock Canyon Colorado
Me chilling out Orlando Florida
JT Norton Cartoons
  They can come from just about anywhere. Small comments on social media to a story you shared with me in person or something funny that happens while about and about. I have an odd sense of humor that people seem to enjoy. For the most part I keep it "safe" with language and topics because the sport I'm a part of; I'm partnered with teams and I do not want to reflect negatively on them or their other sponsors. I have hundreds of cartoons in several notebooks. I draw them very quickly and something as simple as word placement is a big deal from me. I still hand draw most of them and even hand color some with simple colored pencils. I do however scanned all of them and re-do digital versions of them and love my digital drawing tablet. Everyone see cartoons every day but my goal is to connect as many people as I can to their own cartoon.... BUT YOU have to talk with me at the event(s) to give me ideas or you can  just join me on social media. 
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JT Norton
To pay the bills and provide support and insurance to my three boys, I have worked in the telecommunications industry for 18 years. I began a short run as satellite installer in Largo, Florida. Then came back to Central Florida to be a contractor for Time Warner before bright house networks took over the area. As a contractor I held the positions of Installer, QC technician, Supervisor and Senior operations supervisor. The company closed and after a brief stay with Groupware/ Deland) I would move onto Cable Express where got to work in several states and for several cable companies with the bulk of my time spent in Houston Texas and North Georgia. I would come back and apply with bright house networks in 2003 and would work for them until 2014 when they decided to eliminate our department and the supervisors positions. Positions held at bright house networks IT1, IT2, QC technician, Product Specialist I (internet call center agent), HSD call center supervisor and DPSEM call center supervisor, Technical supervisor / Kissimmee and Audit supervisor which covered the entire Central Florida BHN foot print. I moved on to be a contractor for MasTec where I did installation service call work for DirecTv (AT&T) I got the opportunity to move to a commercial contractor based role for SRI International doing HUB upgrade work bright house networks. A contract to upgrade their system but SRI works for numerous provider's this is the contract I was assigned to. I have seen the system grown from an analog based platform to the digital beast it is today. I know how to adapt and now how to lead people and get the job done even if I have to do it myself. For a more in depth view of my skill sets please visit me at JT NORTON linkden 
Dragbike.com named  Jack "JT" Norton  person of the week
 some pretty cool stuff and feeling honored!