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Welcome to Jack "JT" Norton

For those that need to know.

Height:  5 11" Weight: 198 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Bald by choice Status: Single Age: 50 Father of three boys not so much boys anymore. Religion: I strongly believe in Karma 1994-2019 Horoscope Sign: Cancer

Drag Racing
I was given some advice early on on how to approach these races ran with it. It has paid off but it has taken a lot of time, money and hard work to get to be known and trusted in the sport. I'm proud of how far I have come and for years it was ALL self funded. The "contribute to JT link" is setup (top right) just in case you want or help out. I have driven 17 hours to get rained out and have a race get cancelled. I have sleep in tents, rain, snow, back of trucks, cars, dealt with freezing cold temperatures but also ridiculous heat. I have put my own money up help my racers buy tires and address other needs to ensure they can go race. I have traveled up and down the east coast of United States and busted worked hard to serve these racers honorably and love every minute doing it.

I would love to expand into other venues and but also expand into the mid-west and western events. Those who support me on a series or seasonal level do get all images I take though the year. My 2016 sponsor got 26.863 images, and then my 2017 sponsor got 43.256 images with full commercial and residential rights to use as they see fit. Email if interested or if you know someone who would be or call me at 386-320-4621
Drawing In General:
47 years in general and the earliest drawing that my mom can remember me doing was at age 2 and it was an airplane. I put it down for a long time because I was busy being married and raising kids then going though a divorce but picked it back up once I got back on my own about 16 years ago. Been drawing a lot more in the past 6 years doing at least one a day even if just a doodle or cartoon.

26 years
Poetry: 21 years FYI I don’t share this with many people.
Favorite Movie: Star Wars (all of them good and bad)
Rogue One is my favorite of the series so far.
Favorite Book: A Platypus Walks into a Bar
Favorite Quote: "What you learn tomorrow will show you how little you knew today!" by JT
(something I said during a conversation with my oldest son)
Favorite Artist: Theodor Seuss Geisel
Favorite Music: I enjoy all kinds from Taylor Swift to Motor-head.

Favorite Album: Mega Death / Cyprtic Writings 
Note: I'm partial to Keb' Mo' and he is always in my music list. Keb' Mo'

Camera Brand:
I have used almost all of them at some point or another. Just buy the right lens and accessories for what your doing because “Equipment Matters!." Just don’t get caught up in the sales pitch or branding trash talk. Figure out what your shooting and buy to that and do research. My favorites so far has been an old T5i for kayaking and my Nikon D500.

JT Norton Cartoons
  They can come from just about anywhere, comments on social media, a story someone shared with me in person or something funny that happens while I’m about and about. I try to find humor where we normally would not see it and people seem to enjoy it I'll keep doing it. For the most part I keep it "safe" with language and topics because I'm directly and indirectly partnered with companies and teams. I don’t want to be offensive and then it reflect bad on them.

I have thousands of cartoons stored away in several notebooks and currently have nine books averaging about 300+ per book with some loose one laying around. I draw them very quickly and I can be picky about something as simple as word placement. (even if my spelling sucks) I still hand draw most of them and even hand color some with simple colored pencils. I do however scanned all of them and re-do digital versions of them and love my digital drawing tablet and i-pad. Everyone sees cartoons every day but my goal is to connect as many people as I can with real world situations. I encourage people to come talk with me at the event(s) because it gives me ideas and you’ll never know what I come up with and you may end up in a cartoon yourself.

I love to kayak and it does not matter what the weather is like from 8 degrees to 150 degrees, there is no such thing as bad day kayaking. I have kayaked almost ever large body of water in Florida. My favorite will always be the Wekiva River and it has helped me on more than one occasion find peace and relax when times for me were rough. It will always be “MY RIVER” but Silver River is a very close second :) lol.

To pay the bills and provide support and insurance to my three boys, I worked in the telecommunications industry for 18 years. It all began with a short run as satellite installer in Largo, Florida 1998. Then came back to Central Florida to be a contractor for Time Warner before they became bright house networks. As a contractor I held the positions of Installer, QC technician, Supervisor and Senior Operations Supervisor. The company closed and after a brief stay with Groupware/ Deland I would move to Cable Express where got to work in several states and for several cable companies with the bulk of my time spent in Houston Texas and North Georgia. I would come back and continue my cable journey with bright house networks from 2003 until 2015.

They decided to eliminate our department and all the supervisors positions but fortunately my team got to keep their jobs and continue their employment with brighthouse networks. I held the positions of IT1, IT2, QC technician, Product Specialist I (Internet call center agent), HSD call center supervisor and DPSEM call center supervisor, Technical supervisor / Kissimmee and ended as a Audit supervisor. In this role myself and one other supervisor covered the entire Central Florida foot print I very unquie position because at times I had to representing our company in court. I moved on to be a contractor for MasTec where I did installation and service call work for DirecTv. (AT&T) I got the opportunity to move to a commercial contractor based role for SRI International doing HUB CBR8 upgrade work ironically for bright house networks. I move to dish networks until my mom got ill. I have seen the industry grown from an analog dinosaur based platform to the digital high definition bandwidth monster it is today. I learned how to adapt, strive to seat up on all new technologies, lead people by not just telling them but working with them and taking care of our customers by owning a situation and sticking with it until it was resolved.

I’m now focused on my media support, photography and art so I can help care for my mom.

Donate and help me expand my racing coverage and get a shirt plus two JT stickers. Available in Orange with Black lettering (as shown).Blue with white and black with white. See the link top right of every page.
Me doing some srt stuff
me goofing off on a frozen lake in Colorado Springs
JT and Seda when he got married
Me and my oldest son
me in Colorado Springs picture taken by my youngest son Jacob
Flat top Mountain Ga a selfie  my camera is on a fence pole. Old Film shot
me doing my multi selfies
me doing my multi selfies
man i was thinner back then
hanging out with my employees
me and Joey x girlfriend dog i was taking him home we stopped in dalas
this would be around 1979
this would be around 1979 me and bandit
out kayaking selfie
Taken by my unofficial daughter Erica
Taken by my unofficial daughter Erica
me as a youngest
the year is was born
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