Thanks to the some following people and companies for their support of me both on and off the track from 2011 to 2018
Ignit Racin - Robert Parker Racing 211 - Brandi Neithamer - Kim Morrell - John Sachs -Dave Vantine - Justin Norton - Ozzy Moya - Wade Rich - Andie Rawlings - Chad Rawligns -Mindy Raymond - Ocean - Dogwood Racing - Killn' Time Racing - DME Racing - Larry Spiderman McBride - The Armstrong Family - Kenan Dorsey - Lori Hiatt Black -  I credit a lot of people for giving me inspiration, great shots and amazing memories. They include but are not limited to: Ralphie Navarro, Terence Angela, Jason Miller, The Entire Gladstone family, Jason Dunnigan, Larry McBride, Dave Vantine, Dimey Eddinger, Sam Vallas, Dean Vallas, Flyin Taco (we can’t use his real name non one would know him), Norma Parker, Roy Johnston, John Sachs, Angela Dinkens, Michael Leonard, Marion Ford, Ben Knight, and Brandi Neithamer … and there is no way I can not miss Sam Green he was the first racer I cartooned up and I probably have more cartoons about him than anyone else. I will credit him as being the fuel starter for the JT Toons that so many have been now been a subject of!
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