I do these small scale quick-toons to keep the pages fresh and have some fun with friends both from the real world and the social media world. A quick toon is usually something that take 5 to 15 minutes on average.

my email is jack@jtnorton.com
if you have any questions or request for my artistic style.

What I like really doing are the larger illustrations 24x36 and larger that can get time consuming and the most time spent doing one so far has been 46 hours using a technical pen. I do some painting and computer art work as well but a lot these days revolves around drag racing. It's just how it has worked out but it is very effective in keeping my JT name out there even when we are not racing. A local art store carries a lot of my non-racing items and for the most part I do make me some change here and there. For me it’s not about the money it about doing it or getting to do it. I'm currently in a situation where I can do it more aggressively than most so i will keep going as long as I can. The picture below won me the 2011 CSX photograph of the year.

Photography now clearly most of mine these day is drag racing but I'm a big fan of kayaking and outdoors and unfortunately I get to do most of it alone but I will go anyways even if I have to go by myself. The American Alligator is my favorite animal to photograph and believe it kind of fits because I was always a dinosaur fan growing up. I love old buildings and structures when it come to non-animal based stuff..

I have been drawing a long time and drag racing opened me up to a new audience thanks to Sam Green. I got really aggressive with my drawing over the past few years drawing something every single day. Here is a different take on my own logo that will get redrawn a couple times. There are a few things I want to do different with the design.

Social media is a great way to get your name out there but you have to balance it with also getting out in the real world so you can make a personal connection with fans or clients. It takes a lot of work but you can do something or do nothing that is pretty much your choices.

Born in Lakeland Florida Orlando is my home town.

Now my photo-humor (MEME) and cartoons are useful because they keep my audience close when we are not at an event and allows us to stayed entertained. I do manage a few social media pages and I'm an ADMIN on a couple more. I like the fact that when you come to my site or see my content you really don’t know what’s coming because I will come at you in several ways. Everything is done and posted with thought because the placement of material needs be done at a certain time of day and in a certain way.

JT doing another selfie in Colorado: Garden of the Gods is an awesome place and never gets old - love it. .

I'm not getting rich doing this and if I was in it for the money I would've quit a long time ago. About 80% of the photographers that were doing it when I started are no longer doing it. Most people are not willing to do what I have done just to get to these races. I'm a freelancer and as much as I would enjoy a steady gig with a company or team, I will still go and do it regardless.

Keeping content on a page fresh is very effective in getting and keeping visitors. Each visitor weather they click like or not extends your reach and branches you out to other pages and profiles. During an NHRA early this year on one of my racer's page was out performing the NHRA page on Friday. I have built a positive reputation for myself and it's extremely important to have this. These racers know I will not trash them, share drama, or make them look bad. {What is said between us stays between us} and it has always been that way with me. If I plan to post something I will tell them in advance and make sure they are ok with. Something as simple as not taking a picture of their bikes with the clutch covers off will win you brownie points. Never assume what your doing is more important than what they are doing after a while you understand their activity.

I'm right at home creating stuff and I really do enjoy reporting on what people love to do. Weather its drag racing or anything else because when people are passionate about something they come alive and will show you every emotion they have and love capturing it for them. weather it is motorsports or any other type of event. These are series that offer you and your family some great weekend fun and not break the bank.You can go up and talk to these ladies and gentlemen and also see some of the amazing machines and exciting racing

This drawn inverted not converted on the computer.
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