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For those that may need to catch up with us then you came to the right place.I will keep this more in laymen terms so we are not here all day. First you should not confuse Pro Street {Jason's Bike bike shown to right} motorcycle drag racing with Pro Stock Now if you have ever watched the drag racing on national TV with FS1 and the NHRA.They have the Pro-Stock motorcycle drag racing program. It's a program that just recently cracked the 200 mph barrier at the 2018 Gatornationals.This is a really big deal and is something to be proud of but there is a class that is well known in the drag racing community Pro Street motorcycle drag racing have been doing well over 200 mph for years so don't think the NHRA is your option to some exciting racing. The biggest difference you will notice at first glance from the two drag racing types here is that a NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle has a wheelie bar and is considerably longer than a Pro Street motorcycle. Now you may think why on Earth are these people are doing over 200mph and do NOT have a wheelie bar?

The rules and specifications for Pro Street do not allow it because they often described in the rules as "ultimate in street-legal motorcycles"...choke choke.. yeah I get a chuckled every time I read that because these Pro-Street machines are fast, exciting, extremely expensive and absolutely gorgeous works of art.

Now when you see one of these beast fly down the track at over 220 mph you would be quick to assume these people are crazy and possess a death wish. Now I may not disagree with you on the crazy part but they do not have a death wish. They are actually in a lot more control of these machines then you would think. It takes a great degree of experience, skill ,technical knowledge and determination to do what they do...well...?... that and a huge set of gonads! Some of these racers are smaller operations and do everything with 1 or 2 people but several of them are full blown teams with an owner, crew chief and tuner that in fact rival many professional national teams.

JT talk with NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle first to 200mph Hector Arana Jr!

Now don't think I'm knocking the big event but one benefit in heading out to an event that has the Pro Street motorcycle class is that you get to watch some ridiculously fast drag racing action but in a much more personal way. The events are smaller, more affordable and less congested but are still professional level machines that you get to experience in a much more personal way.
Check these two very popular series at the links below

Manufacturers Cup 2018 Mancup!

Xtreme Dragbike Association 2018 XDA!

but wait a second let me give you an example of how powerful these machines are.

I will use a pass by Rodney Williford that he made on May 22, 2017 and he was racing against Ehren Litten.

All the drag racer's passes are broken down into specific distances that they travel down the track. They are issued a time slip at the completion of their pass.

(unless they are Grudge Racing but I will explain all that on another post).

Now in the case of Rodney Williford, who is a very well know Pro-Street Drag racer was racing a full quarter mile. -- * Some classes do only race an 1/8 mile.

So when the tree light dropped down and turned green Mr Williford needed to launch as soon as it turns green which is called his reaction time. (aka: R/T) - An R/T of .000 is considered a perfect light but Mr Williford reaction to the light on this pass was 0.053.- **If they go to early they "red light" and they automatically lose the match up.

to break down this pass it means that ...
he went from sitting still to 60 feet in 1.156 seconds
he went from sitting still to 330 feet in 2.991 seconds
he went from sitting still to and 1/8 mile in 4.439 seconds
he went from sitting still to 1000 5.663 seconds - at this point he is at 172.83mph
he went from sitting still to a 1/4 of a mile 6.692 seconds with a speed of 222.88 mph.

Yes I was there and the place went nuts and loved every second of it ..get it?... every second :) lol I crack myself up..
These series offer you and your family some great weekend fun that will not break the bank.You can go up and talk to these ladies and gentlemen and also see some amazing machines with some exciting racing

Manufacturers Cup 2018 Mancup!

Xtreme Dragbike Association 2018 XDA!

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