Gatornationals 2-2018 by JT Norton
Gatornationals 2-2018 by JT Norton
Maryland International raceway by JT
Maryland International raceway by JT
JT and Kelly
Gator Nationals 2-2018
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2018 Q&A Motorcycle Drag Racer

Kelly Clontz

2018 Q&A NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racer

Racer: Kelly Clontz

Years Racing:16

Motorcycle type: Suzuki TL1000 Pro Stock Motorcycle

Location: Hughesville, MD

(Q) Favorite win?

(A) "2006 in Rockingham Dragway. Won Pro ET on Saturday Night then Won Quick 32 on Sunday for a 13-0 weekend."

(Q) Toughest Race so far?

(A) "Basically every Pro Stock Motorcycle lap made down the racetrack is tough. You have 6 seconds to do so many things perfectly. You launch the bike with a clutch, you have to maneuver the bike if it is not perfectly straight, you have to see the shift light 5 times and perfectly hit the shift button along with stopping safely at over 190+ MPH. You also have to take track conditions as a factor. Some are rougher, some are crowned, some have bumps in the lanes you don't want to hit, etc. These are factors the average bracket racer has no idea about.”

(Q) What series do you participate in?

(A) "NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle"

(Q) Craziest experience?

(A) "When the axle adjuster broke on my swing arm at half track on my No Bar Hayabusa. It definitely took me for a ride but luckily I was able to handle it and stop it safely."

(Q) What got you into drag racing?

(A) "I was born and raised at the track with my Dad. That led me to meeting my Husband Chris. I started in cars driving an altered and dragster. Nothing is better then 2 wheels though."

(Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to get into Motorcycle Drag racing?

(A) "Don't pinch pennies on what you purchase. You get what you pay for. In the long run good quality parts will pay for themselves."

(Q) What is your day job occupation / industry?

(A) "Commercial Electrical Estimator"

Extra question:

(Q) Racing in the NHRA it clearly a different experience but can you define "the moment" when it 1st really hit you that you are now racing in the world's most famous drag racing series?

(A) "I don't know that it has really hit me yet LOL. I think the autographs are the WOW factor. I'm just little old me trying to perfect this fast Motorcycle racing. I will say the love and support from fans makes the struggle at this level worth every moment."

Team: Kelly Clontz Racing
Tuner/Crew Chief: Chris Clontz

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