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Motorcycle Drag Racer Profile

Years Racing:
“6 “

Racing Motorcycle type:
RST Zx14 and Bracket Zx-14

What State / Country are you from:
USA, Born in Puerto Rico raised in Orlando

(Q) What got you into drag racing ?
(A) “My dad had me riding bikes since I could remember. “

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) “Mancup Memphis crazy 8s. The whole eliminations was tough finals was Dustin Lee, Semis was Ron, Quarters was Bob Carlson some of the best I had to beat.”

(Q) Toughest Race?
(A) RST @ IDBL vs Jonny Dobrin in semis at the 5k to win race.

(Q) What series do you participate in?
(A) Mancup and some IDBL this year will be doing NHDRO also

(Q) What classes do you compete in?
(A) "Pro ET, Street ET, 5.60. Top Sportsman, 8.88 / Crazy 8, and Real Street

(Q) Craziest Experience?
(A) "Wheeling my RST at the 1,000 foot cones!"

(Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to get into motorcycle drag racing?
(A) "Always think safety first before going down the track"

(Q) What is your day job occupation / industry?
(A) "Pawn Shop Owner and Jeweler"

** Luis recently became part of the Pro Street class so I asked an extra Pro Street question.

  (Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the class of Pro street?
(A) Ease your way into it. HUGE difference from just a regular 140-160 mph bike to going 200+ everything happened 10x faster.

Check are the events you can go see him at - links below

Manufacturers Cup 2018 Mancup!

Xtreme Dragbike Association 2018 XDA!


Mancup Recap April 2018 Via Luis Hornedo

"2018 Mancup season opener was memorabe!"

2018 Mancup season opener was definitely the most memorable race I’ve had since I started racing and it will be a hard one to beat! I got to race Pro Street for the first time and it’s something that I dreamed about since I started attending Mancup events back in the early 2000’s. The opportunity came up when Ronnie Mitchell posted about leasing his 6 second bike and it was something I was not going to miss. Talked it over the winter with Ronnie and worked a deal for the first race of the season.

The week of the race was the longest week ever and we arrived at the track early to test Thursday. We made our first few passes to the 330 to get used to the bike and I was quickly in the 3.0s. Last pass of Thursday testing took it the 1/8 and shut it down went 4.52 172 mph. Friday afternoon before qualifying we were ready to test a full pass, I was expecting a low 7 maybe to start off but no first full pass I went 6.96 @ 196 after coming off the throttle early! First full pro street pass and I was in the 6’s my weekend was already made it was only Friday!

We ended up making 3 more runs all in the 6.90s and qualified 4th overall with a 6.91. Sunday was the first official race and I went on to with the first round with a 6.91. I was feeling great on the bike lost second round to RG but couldn’t complain after an unbelievable weekend on a bike that I never rode. I’ll be back on the bike soon me and RMR have talked it over after the weekend and decided that ill ride his bike at the NHDRO races in Ohio and Indy this year!!


"Latin American Pawn Shop"

"William Cruz  Kissimee Fl, has handled my bracket bike tuning. Anibal Merced built and tuned my RST bike. Ronnie Mitchel owns, tunes, and builds the PST Bike."
"All of my guys from Orlando they all know who they are!"- Luis Hornedo

source with JT Norton @ JTNorton.com

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