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Spencer Claycomb 2018

Motorcycle Drag Racer Profile

Years Racing:

“I was born into racing but not motorcycles, we raced dirt super late models and then got into drag racing. When we moved south me and my dad ran a top sportsman 34 ford coupe and 4.70 promod index series. Then I bought my first bike and never rode anything else before and it was my black and red busa in 2012 and it has snowballed since then between racing my bikes and my small tire s10 “

Racing Motorcycle type:
2011 Suzuki Hayabusas

What State / Country are you from:
Rockford TN

(Q) What got you into drag racing ?
(A) “There was no dirt track close HA. “

(Q) Favorite win?
(A) “My next one”

(Q) Toughest Race?
(A) Last year mid season I cut my hand really bad from my infamous Vance and Hines "ragged" pipe. I cut it so bad the EMT was freaking out telling me I had to go to the hospital but we wrapped it up in rags and put my gloves on. I wound up winning that day, but in the finals we had a minute in the burnout box so I took my glove off to check it. I had to ring the blood out of it cause it was so wet. That was a fun win because everyone wants to shake your hand and it was terrible, ha.

(Q) What series do you participate in?
(A) Man Cup and XDA

(Q) What classes do you compete in?
(A) Pro ET, Street ET, 5.60. Top Sportsman, 8.88 / Crazy 8, and Real Street

(Q) Most memorable experience drag racing?
(A) When we went our first 7 ...all the work, testing, blood, sweat, and tears all paid off.

(Q) What advice would you give someone wanting to get into let's say Real Street Drag racing?
(A) I did it the hard way. I wanted to turn every bolt and push every key on the keyboard so I could learn while I was racing....if i could do it over I wouldn't change anything.

(Q) What is your day job occupation / industry?
(A) I own a small trucking company.

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Manufacturers Cup 2018 Mancup!

Xtreme Dragbike Association 2018 XDA!

Mancup April 2018 Via Spencer Claycomb

"What started out as a terrible weekend ended pretty good. On the the way to the track on Thursday night we had i big issue when i opened trailer to check everything about half way there and the RealStreet bike was laying completely on it side both wheels off the ground after a few choice words we got it set back up it broke the windscreen off and broke the coil ignitor box so bike wouldn't run. And of course scratched up both bikes that just got repainted. It was 10-11pm and started calling around to find a box luckily Sydney Marshall had one with him to save the weekend for us.

On Friday after spending all morning to just try to get both bikes back to where they where before we left the shop. The ole faithful index bike was dead on like always and the Realstreet bike made a couple decent passes. Then Cole Mountain Seitzinger from Penske gave us the opportunity to test the new air shock from them and it went great and we will definitely be running them as soon as they are built. Then came 1st qualifier and we went number 1 qualifier. Sat was a wash out and about mid day i decided to check the oil filter and seen copper flake so we tore that motor out and built our entire spare motor from literally bare cases and fired it up at 1 am Sunday and no issues. Sunday was great for real street we made it to the finals and runner upped to Johnny turbo and made for the best weekend to date for us in Realstreet and for index classes i was .007 red in super comp and lost at 6 to Dusty Brazel just miss judged the stripe in 8.88. All and all it was a awesome weekend and for how bad the weather was MANCUP did great getting everything done and ran smooth! Thanks to everyone that helps us!

XDA April 2018 Via Spencer Claycomb

"Dont wanna sound like a broken record no pun intended ha. Its awesome to see this much interest in RealStreet and had no clue this many people was excited as we were.THANK YOU! for all the support.....

We had a really good test session the weekend before this race so we didnt test on friday during the day and we made one shake down rite before 1st qualifier and it went 7.67 off the trailer and it was the slowest feeling pass i ever had on the bike i thought it was a 7.80 pass ha but that set the tone for the weekend. Everything went smooth sat no real big issues untill the 3rd quailfier. I had taken the tree and the other racer in other lane timed out from bike having issues and coming from sportsman racing i always use to back out and retake the tree cause i didnt wanna win like that but it bit me in the ass ha we went 7.68 but it didnt count cause it was after the tree fell which put Johnny in the number 1 seat. Thank god the rain stayed away to get that 4th quailfier in sat night at like midnight we put a tune up in it and prayed it would stay down and we went 7.66 which got our number 1 spot back. Sunday came we took a ton of power out the bike to just go a to b and 1st round it was the perfect amount it went 7.65 and never took front wheel off the ground....then in the finals we had our slowest pass all weekend from a bad 60ft but we were bar to bar only won by .02 stripe it was a dream weekend to say the least it was our first win in a pro class ,track record,class record and number 1 qualifier

Sportman racing we did ok i lost to jeremy teasley in 5.60 i just got treed plain and simple and it 8.88 i broke out by 1 thou 8.879 sliding through the stripe ha but i do owe a apology to the Kenny Cornnell crew and i will make it rite!!....in 5.60 i have to go deep to cut a light against these killers and i set the my stage bulb as soon as they pre-staged trying to get in deep but after i was i realized i went in to fast and it made them time out and after theReal Street debacle of timing out i seen green and left...i hate wining like that

Atco is our next race so only 2 weeks of testing and we would love to repeat what we did in Real Street up there ha





THANKS JT Norton @ JTNorton.com FOR THE COVERAGE!." - Spencer Claycomb

Team Claycomb
Spencer Claycomb
Waiting for his chance to go racing
Spence Claycomb in action
Team Claycomb last year in Memphis
Team Claycomb last year in Memphis
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