Done for a local show Pirates and Ninjas it sold the opening day :) was very happy! 36x42
an older style drawing that was drawn inverted not computer modified 8x10
"happy Shot" my take on someone telling to take a happy pill 11x14
just a design trying something new 8x10
older drawing 8x10
sea horse drawing done after see a seahorse in a store
"me I guess?" goofing off 11x14
"no pop in the iggy" 16x20 on gallery wrapped canvas (this sold at a local show as well)
found some discount Matt put it to use 11x14
a large piece from awhile back the ruler shown is laying on the framed picture/ drawing
these take a lot of time and have to be done a certain was it is drawn inverted this is NOT computer modified
me goofing off again 16x20
  I began drawing at an early age and the earliest thing my mom can recall is an airplane
 at 2 years old. (she still has it) My mindset and style was heavily influenced b y my experiences with Dungeons & Dragons.(The Gary Gygax version not the new way over complex crap) I was a game master which meant I thought up all the stuff for the players to adventure through and had pretty good feedback from them due to my story telling ability. I love drawing the big ones even if they do take many hours to complete. The longest one to date is an 8x10 stipple of Yoda the largest physical drawing to date is 46 x 54 with 36 hours to complete.
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