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Some people have asked me some questions over the years and here are some of them. I do not claim to be an expert, I just do what I do and people like it and want me to come back.

"So with that typed lets Q&A"

(Q) Have people ever given you a hard time about some of your cartoons?

(A) Yes I have gotten all kinds of negative feedback and even death threats.
(Q) Why do you have two logos Red JTNorton.com and the JT lady?

(A) The JT lady came from event coverage and motorsports and The Red JTNorton.com is the one that represents everything else I do and has been around longer.
(Q) How many cartoons do you have or have done?

(A) I literally have thousands because I got serious about drawing something every day a few years ago. I will buy a pack of 500 or 1000 sheet copy paper and keep it handy. I can usually get 3 per page unless they are bigger drawings. Sense I redo them digitally I really don't care what they are drawn on. I do from time to time draw them on quality paper to sell at an local art store here in Orlando. Andee's Thrift Shop 4805 East Colonial Dr.Orlando, FL 32803
Q) Why so much Motorcycle Drag Racing?

(A) "Well a friend of mine “Scapp” wanted me to come take pictures of him drag racing at Orlando Speed World Dragway. I just kept on shooting and love the dragbikes because you can see the driver. I'm not knocking the car and truck drag racers because they are just as exciting. The human experience teamwork, defeat and victory brings out all kinds of emotional opportunities to get some great shots."
(Q) When someone uses you how many images do they get?

(A) If they pre-pay for just "their" images from an event and base on 2017 numbers. They would get about 300 per event but if they are an event sponsor they get access to everything I take - which can be thousands.”
(Q) What camera / equipment do you use?

(A) Canon XA25, Nikon D500, Nikon 3400, iPad, iPhone, 2 HD contours cameras, 1 XD HD camera. I have other items to help the recording experience for viewers like gimbal, mic, tripods for interviews etc. I have used most types cameras over the years and my current one was purchased for its abilities for what I do. If I was a wildlife photographer I would be using a different camera setup. I'm not brand specific but “But Equipment DOES Matter” so don't let people tell you any different.
(Q) Have you ever had issues with other photographers?

(A) Yes several do not like me or what I do because my motivation is not money. They usually blame me when they can’t sell images and one even said that I was the reason he was getting out of it. I've had a few other comments made to me over the years but I’m not doing this for them. It has never been my intention to effect them but if you only doing a few events a year you're not going to be making any money anyhow. It is rare now days because most of them know I will refer people to them and make sure they can get the chance to sell their shots.
(Q) What is up with Dragbike.com?

(A) They are currently a supporter of mine and what I'm doing (they are not a direct sponsor or employer) If their stamp appears on an image that means I'm given them credit for helping me. If Joe Smith Media is the reason I get there then they will get their name stamped on the images. Unless they want to remain a silent supporter which happens from time to time.
(Q) If your not a photographer then what are you?

(A) I'm a photographer but also a real time boots on ground media support tool. I have specialty Apps loaded on my phone and tablet so I can create meme and other funny creations items while at the event instead of waiting until after the fact. I do videos, live feeds and interview with racers and sponsors and get it all up as close to real time and I can. Media Support Representative would be a better description but the core of what I love to do is photography.
(Q) What has been your biggest struggle?

(A) Not having someone at my side that can help with what I do without judgment or assumptions. I have to handle a lot and want it done a certain way so it can get tough at times. I don't mind new ideas or help but I will do things even when there is no monetary gain involved and that has caused problems in the past.
(Q) Why focus so much on it at an older age?

(A) I'm not getting any younger and my boys can look at their father and be able say “He tried to do it but we came first.” I can tell you there are many 1/2 my age that have a hard time keeping up because I am always looking for a shot.
(Q) How did JT come about?

(A) The friend "Scapp" that got me into this wanted to put something on his motorcycle for me and asked if I had a logo. I did not have one at the time so he came up with JT Norton.com with photography under it. The shortening to JT came from a race here in Orlando. We had some really loud cars going down the track and a lady asked me my name after asking about some pictures. I said JACK a couple times but she could not make what I was saying. I looked over at Scapp’s motorcycle and saw JT so I said JT and that she heard so kept on using, it communicates better on the track.
(Q) What’s up with the JT logo lady?

(A) It’s just an artistic reference to shooting pictures using a sexy lady to appeal to the younger generation. I got some crap from some people about it being sexiest and was going to remove it but a local track manager and the racers (male and female) said I should leave it…so I did.
(Q) What are the biggest reasons for your success so far?

(A) There are 3 key points "Mark “Scapp” Scappaticcio , Robert Parker and Brandi Neithamer " there are plenty more I can list but I would not have gotten this far without these specific three.
(Q) Where do you want to go with all this?

(A) I’m not going anywhere with it …it’s taking me and I’m just along for the ride. Just want to capture that one iconic image every photographer dreams of capturing. It’s not a job to me unless you know someone hiring? Lol
(Q) When did you get into Photography?

(A) Many years ago I was using an old Film based Minolta SLR that belonged to moms x-husband. I was to taking a picture of my middle son trying to get into a pool but was just a baby and was too short.
(Q) How many events do you do?

(A) I did 17 events in six states in 2017
(Q) Has any of your relationships come from racing?

(A) NO I'm not there for that.
(Q) Isn't all this dangerous?

(A) It can be but if you follow the track safety rules and be mindful of your surroundings it is pretty safe. There is always risk around some of these machines but it is what it is. Respect the event, track and racers and you will be fine.

Me doing a selfie while taking a break kayaking on the ST johns River Florida Debary
Flat Top Mountain Georgia a film camera selfie I am on the edge of a huge drop. The camera is sitting on a sign that say "do not cross" lol
Me out investigating Red Rock Canyon Colorado Springs a selfie on a frozen lake.
Blue Springs Florida  out hiking yeah another selfie
Kim Morrell One of my favorite pictures of her. what a great lady.
Lea Martinez another great lady with a big heart.
MY oldest and youngest son many years ago
My youngest son
Me and Jacob having fun,
My oldest son Justin when we visited Gatorland.
Me and my middle son. We were out hiking in Colorado
One of many cartoon this is  just bigger than most.
Another  cartoon just goofing off.
Not all is for the kids
A Robert Parker Design
For Robert Parker's Facebook fan page I manage.
For Robert Parker's Facebook fan page I manage.
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