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2016 IDBL CRAZY 8 CHAMPION APRIL 2016 - 2 time Crazy 8 IDBL Wins  2015 - 2 time Street ET IDBL wins 2015 - Pro-Street OSW Champion 2015, 2016 & 2017 Summit Series champion NHRA Orlando Speed World
August 3rd 2018 Kenan Dorsey / "Sorry this is such a late posting but after leaving the races and driving 16 hrs home in the rain and then going immediately back to work, I finally have a few free moments at work to do my racer recap. 

This past weekend at XDA at Maryland International Raceway was unbelievable! I normally only run Street ET. This weekend I was running Pro ET, Street ET and PTQP. I was able to get the timing down on my lights so perfectly! It amazed me. I had 3 double 0 lights. 5 lights under .050 and 11 total .0 lights! I was on fire! Best light was a .002 in first round of PTQP! I went rounds in all classes. I managed to put the win light on 7 times! I am still so ecstatic and proud of the progress I made. Made it to third round in Pro ET, second round in Street ET and went to the SEMIFINALS for the second year in a row in PTQP! I cant wait for XDA in Virginia at the end of the month so I can keep making progress 😁

I would like to thank everyone who was there this weekend at the track and at home supporting me! Yall my biggest fans! I would mainly like to thank my crew chief for the weekend Robert Parker who unfortunately dropped a valve during qualifying but decided to put me into Pro ET so I could get extra runs. It helped so much and was such a confidence booster! He always helps me in any way I need and always has my back 100% of the time! Couples who race together stay together! Determination and hard work pays off. Videos to follow. Sorry for anyone I missed tagging!" - Kenan
 2016 IDBL RECAP Robert Parker : Back from a weekend at IDBL Pingel Spring Nationals, Robert Parker Racing 211 was able to prevail thanks to help from fellow racers and sponsors. On the way to IDBL, we had blown trailer bearings on the side of I-95 in N.C. We fixed the bearings and made it to MDIR. Friday evening we broke a clutch spring bolt and thankfully we got help from Stephen Knight and drilled out the broken stud. Saturday morning began with qualifying which presented a few electrical gremlins. Despite all efforts we were unable to resolve the issues come round one of Pro et and Street et. On the bright side of things the FBR Shop 5.60 bike was running amazing. With the cool air it was running in the 5.50 range with fast 1.23 60' times :D. We were very happy with the et and reaction times.

After qualifying, I didn't help myself when I lost the bike key which someone turned into the tower. With that located we worked late into the a.m. on the ZX14R and got up early Sunday morning to finish. After a couple runs the bike was back to its usual self and going the rounds. In 5.60 we went out in round two due to the dreaded red light. Round three of both Pro et and Street et I made mistakes that cost me the race. Now in crazy 8's I raced many good racers that were right on the numbers but as fate would have it, I was paired up against 2015 Crazy 8's Champion Ben Knight in the semi-finals who unfortunate for him had a radiator leak that caused him to spin on the line. Then I moved on to the pressure cooker final round against the well known 2015 BAMF Champion Dustin Lee. We both took off from the line and I was giving it every thing I could, plugging all the shift points and come the finish line we were side by side. Dustin running a 8.864 to my 8.868. With the double breakout between us, Dustin went under the index worse than myself, giving me the win. It was an exciting race being side by side Dustin once again.

I want to thank all of my sponsors and supporters who made this weekend possible. A special thanks to the beautiful kenan Dorsey for all the driving and help she does before, during and after the races. Thanks to Cycle Sports Center who got my motor fixed in time for the races and Bates Leathers for a perfect fitting suit and boots along with The FBR Shop for allowing me to run there bike, Terrance Belton who took some fantastic photos this weekend along with JT Norton, thanks to Mike Belo and Richard Gadson for running my bike, Evilswingarms.com, Dragbike.com, Guhl Motors, Brocks Performance and 407 Cycles, Roaring Toyz.