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  The Walking Dead mid-season 6-12-2015 has come and is now gone and social media is all freaked out. These viewers failed to see the HUGE red flag that came up mid episode showing clearly who in the primary cast was going to die.

  For the record I'm a Walking Dead fan and have been since season one episode one but I'm disappointed with this seasons writing and character handling. The people controlling the storytelling treats these "Hardened and Experienced" survivors as if they have no memory of what happens to them from one episode to another!

 Example 1:
  Sasha just had her love interest Bob Stookey take the a knife in the melon to prevent him from turning into a zombie. Lets not forget Bob had his leg cut off and eaten by cannibals. Sasha survived the governors onslaught at the prison last season and then the group is captured by the same Bob-eating cannibals at the end of last season and beginning of this season. So with all of this now part of her recent past Sasha suddenly begins trusting a captured cop only hours after knowing him. Her group has the intention of doing a prisoner swap for two of their own held by his group. After some lame story telling on the cops part about his friend being one of the dead outside, Sasha feels sorry for him and gets setup to sniper zombie kill for this prisoner. Sasha TURNS HER BACK on someone she has just met, which who I might add is a trained law enforcement officer! This results in her getting shoved into a window and being knocked out and of course he gets away.

*Leading to a really useless scene of Rick hitting him with a police car just to end up shooting him in the head.*

 Example 2:
  Carol and Daryl Dixon are in a building and see a truck hanging half off an overpass. They decide to check it out and while exiting they refill water bottles in a office water cooler but leave it half full (or half empty) ... as we watch their counterparts people boil toilet water to have something to drink in other scenes. So anyways ..... they travel to this unstable truck and BOTH climb in and sit in the front seats while a large group of walkers come at them. They exit but then have to go back into the truck ...UGH...(sorry my brain is hurting) They belt off and prepared for a very ridiculous truck fall that they both walk away from. OH!... let me add that the truck landed on it wheels after falling nose first! This entire scene and setup leading to it was absurd and coming from two of the the toughest characters on the show!

I understand that it is fantasy BLAH BLAH BLAH but what attracted me to this show is that they tried to keep it as believable as possible. The writers, producers, studios etc... whomever is really in control need to change directions quick or they will end up with a really ridiculous story. I understand that you have to have story and talking moments but the dialog and scene selections are getting really bad.

I thought the long drawn out search for the child (Sophia) in season 2 was bad but this is heading in a far worse direction!

Overall Season Review JT RATING Disappointing : Seasoned undead world survivors acting like rank armatures. Have you seen the pattern when they let Rick be Rick no one dies but when they try and take the high road someone dies! I really hope they get better writing because even being a big TWD fan I found myself not to worried about missing an episode. JT is still watching but time will tell if i just use the extra time to draw stuff. ​

1st posted : 06/12/15 
"I know"
 "I know exactly what is going on 1001.96 miles away in a closed room that is tucked away inside a building which resides in a community I have never lived in.

  I know exactly what is going on because I have a factual internet connection, accurate compassionate social media platforms to depend upon for its ability constructively debate the complete details that is stored therein.

  I know exactly what is going on because I have reached my educated conclusions by also watching a series of repetitive 60 second news clips delivered though agencies that have researched ever square inch of this material to ensure what they are reporting 100% accurate.

I know exactly what is going on because I trust this information and know these agencies have made sure that it is not based on any person or groups personal opinion. Or that it is influenced by any potential ratings value the information may possess!"

 (By Mr. PieHole StillShut) 
1st posted : 12/2/14 
"Tourist Dicks"
 As usual most of the comments at various other post prove people do not read anything they are commenting on. This country was correct in their deportation these people have no respect for the country, people, or it's culture. For those too damn lazy to read the links

For the record:
Mount Kinabalu which is also and world Hertitage Site is considered sacred by Malaysia's Kadazam-Dusun Tribe that believe it is a resting place for spirits.

They......10 foreign tourists who had stripped naked and posed for photos on the summit of the peak on May 30. one of which allegedly stripping naked and urinating on Mount Kinabalu.

These tourist have no respect for anything or anyone and being young and college educated stupid is no reason to get off so easy. The "Ring" leader of this group is a dick! -----Just read link two!

(1) Full MSN story is here

(2) Second link just to tick me off even more HERE 
1st posted : 06/30/14 

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