F*** the Cops
 People treat them ALL cops like crap when this happens ...
"A month and a half after six officers were charged in Mr. Gray’s death, policing has dwindled in some of Baltimore’s most dangerous neighborhoods, and murders have risen to levels not seen in four decades"

People blamed ALL cops for this horrible act and then get pissed when they are not there and then have the nerve to say....

“Without law enforcement, there is no order,” Pastor Weah said. “In truth, residents want a strong police force, but they also want accountability.”
WTH?...sir... you have a very short memory so I do advise that you go back and watch the news reports, news feeds and the social media idiots bash every cop on the planet with a global consensus of .... "F***THE POLICE"

Police officers deserve our respect and support for serving and protecting us!

I will end with the line that I told so many I would be saying after a few months ...so.... "I F***ING TOLD YOU SO!"

"My right!"
Amendment II: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

(1) This is what a great many people thump as hard as some thump their flag and or bible. I'm not anti-gun but do believe there is a whole group of people in this world that should never touch one much less own one.

(2) "Guns don't kill people – people kill people!" and "If you put a gun on the table will it kill anyone?" Well I have thought about these points of view and come to the conclusion you're just trying to find a bull shit simple way to avoid a conversation because you can not defend your point. It's an amazing invention until put in the hands of a person that has no business with one. I have no idea why people get so pissed off because this gun loving country will never even entertain an intelligent conversation. All the horror committed so far by those who never should have had access to a weapon but yet is perfectly fine with so many people. 22 children are slaughtered along with countless others and still some people do not want to talk about it other than say more guns is the answer.  

(3) “Obama is coming for our guns” please stop! almost done with his two terms and all he has done is two laws both of which expand your right to carry. You honestly think the gun plan he did propose (JUST PROPOSE) would ever succeed with so many people in the government detesting the very air he breaths! It could be the greatest plan in the world and perfect in every way and it would still get shot down upon arrival. I can tell you one thing, it won’t even get read. For the record: I have read the entire plan and it is a very weak proposal, that is clearly just to be politically correct.

(4) I personally see no need for any type of military weapon or military civilian version being made available to the general public. The old comment that usually follows is “People should be able to take up arms against their government.” Yeah OK!?! ... have you read about the obesity rate of America and seen the ratings for Duck Dynasty and the Kardashians. I only things or thing this country is standing up for is Black Friday or in-line for the next I-Phone.

"JT the
 Tree hugger?"

JT is a Republican ...”Nope” well then he must be a Democrat...”Nope” oh god not another Independent ...” Ah Nope”

I believe the political system in this country is screwed no matter which side you are on. People honestly believe these political figures care about the them. 1 Billion Dollars in the last presidential election and when it was all said and done only a fraction of the registered voters turned out to vote.

I come from a large family on my mom’s side (referring to aunts, uncles etc.... not just brothers and sisters) many of who of registered southern republicans. Now I was a registered Democrat for many years due the influence of my x-wife but never considered myself one side or the other. I even voted for George Bush because there was no way I was putting Kerry or Gore in office.

The elections of Obama really opened my eyes to many things

(1) He is not a leader because leaders make choices and find a way to get it done even if they have to ram it down someone’s throat. Bush / Cheney proved that is how politics work these days even when the leaders we put in office suck beyond any measurable scale. Image if they tried to do something good for the nation instead of feeding the American governments lust for war.

(2) People hate him because of his skin color, sugar coat it however you want but that is all it is. His is a black threat to the white establishment which will never fall because the people of this country have become mindless sheep that are incapable of independent thought.They are afraid of the doors this could open not that he got elected.

(3) Democrats you did not win by that much in the last presidential election so stop bragging about how smart you are. If you’re so brilliant please explain why you keep losing elections?

(4) We have only options not freedoms or rights. When you last posted something or wrote an email. How many times did you re-read or even re-write it to make sure someone or some group would not get offended. These politicians write stuff and many times it is not even close too being true and you choose to take it at face value and as truth. Truth is Truth and when you attack someone and call them stupid because they do not support your uneducated point of view. All you are only given them an option to accept your crap instead of the freedom to tell you that your right to your stupidity in unfounded!

My answer is: I don’t care

I’m just one human trying to survive in the corporate slave system of dependency this country has become. The next you tell someone “VOTE because you have a choice and it matters!” Smack yourself in the head with a ball pin hammer a few dozen times and someday you will realize you only have options decided by someone else with a lot of money!

I will usually get the Statement “The system is not perfect but it is the best we have!”

That is exactly why the system is not even close to ever becoming perfect!

My advice study the Fall of The Roman Empire and you will see a eerie pattern going on here. Regardless of what you may think by now I do love my country and the people. Just not the political system or the people that support it and defend it as something wonderful and democratic!

It angers me because we are so much better than this!

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