(this is bugging me have to vent!) The one sided story begins their point with "The first collaborative protest against the Socialist government"

 France : 486 (Frankish tribes unified under Merovingian kingship); 10 August 843 (Western Francia established from the division of the Carolingian Empire); 14 July 1789 (French monarchy overthrown); 22 September 1792 (First French Republic founded); 4 October 1958 (Fifth French Republic is currently governing country) ..... at what point has France ever been Socialist or Communist! As a republic or a parliamentary republic which is what they are more of now; the argument should be that a republic does not work especially considering they are on their 5th attempt. 

  The protest are over labor laws and the current prime minster and his backers are trying to modify the strict labor laws that exist in France. These employers have to adhere to the what is called CNE which was created by the French government as part of its June 2005 Emergency Employment Plan to fight France's high unemployment. (http://www.eurofound.europa.eu/observatories/eurwork/articles/new-government-announces-emergency-employment-plan) The plan aimed to create jobs by giving flexibility to small businesses. Many employers blame their inability to hire on rigid French labor laws. One of the most newer frequent claims by employers and the employers' union has been inflexibility regarding layoffs. (yes that is not a typo the employers there have a union)

Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti (current Prime Minister of France ) is part of the socialist party but France is not a socialist government. The persons opinion shows they are not listening to what Bernie Sanders has been saying - Bernie Sanders has been preaching the exact opposite of what this guy (and his backers) wants to do!. The new modifications trying to be pushed through to modify the CNE will allow everything labor related to be negotiable and this is including allowing employers more flexibility when they need to layoff workers!

  Give companies more freedom and it will cause profits to come before the employee and this it has been proven over and over again! Short term memory and or lack of research just keeps people vomiting more uneducated viewpoints. 

  Also mentioned was “ Free Enterprise folks. Its the only thing that works.” {Free Enterprise: an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.} Do this and “we the people will get screwed!”  

  The recent American cable merger is a perfect example because part of the impact is people losing their pension plans without any replacement option, except one where they fend for their own future. The horse-crap option now available which would require employees to invest in stocks in order to increase the money put back for their future but what happens WHEN the economy tanks again ---- YEAH ---- your sunk yet once again! Since the finical company has insurance only YOU lose! 

  There are some companies that do take care of their people but the bigger they get - the worse off “we are!” and it has been happening for years and far beyond that of the current administration! Big companies keep absorbing the little ones and soon if not already only a couple will own everything.

 The protest in France are moving on and we know violence is not the answer but in desperation you leave the people no other choice. Just a reminder America was founded and then kept from splitting part by using violence because people ran out of options.

I just find the hypocrisy mind numbing when people post this type of viewpoint all over social media and the internet then get 50 zillion likes or people treat it as gospel!

  Violence is OK when your a flag thumping American Republican Business man trying to become president or right-nut supporter screaming that we should take up arms against our government because they were coming for our weapons or passing a slew of anti-gun laws none of WHICH EVER CAME! At least these people are fighting for something that is real and not imaginary!  

  When violence is acceptable inside a rally but not outside one we just prove once again that American the land of not just hypocrites but grossly uneducated hypocrites! 

Try sitting down calmly and acting like rational human beings and maybe JUST MAYBE we might get something done!
1st posted 06/04/16

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